Student - December 12, 2018

312 student rooms at Kortenoord

Roelof Kleis

The construction of 312 student rooms at Kortenoord will definitely take place. After a long lawsuit, Idealis will start construction in January.

© Idealis

The delivery of the furnished and independent units will be no earlier than September 2019, at the start of the new academic year. ‘We are discussing the plans with the constructor, Plegt-Vos’, says Idealis director Sylvie Deenen. ‘We have asked whether at least part of the units could be delivered by that time.’

International students
The student units are mainly meant to house international students. The rooms will be furnished and have their own shower, restroom and kitchen. Besides that, the location will have shared facilities such as a meeting space and a laundry room. The 312 units are distributed over four stories and are meant as temporary housing for a maximum of ten years.

artist impression noord-oost gevel.JPG

Construction at Kortenoord (corner of Nieuwe Kanaal and Kortenoordoordallee) has been delayed by two years. The reason for this delay were the objections of the entrepreneurs of the Business & Science Park against temporary housing on their business park. Last week, these objections have been declared to be unfounded by the judge. This clears the way for the construction to start.

As good neighbours, we will contribute to the management of the park.
Sylvie Deenen

According to Deenen, there is no more quarrel. Idealis even became a partner in the park management. ‘As good neighbours, we will contribute to the management of the park. It is in our interest as well for the park to remain in good condition and for the public spaces to be properly organised.’ The BSP is working on “revitalising” the business park.

Part of the revitalisation are the joint efforts of WUR and BSP to attract new activity, amongst other things. This was recently shown in the placement of campus signs at the entrance of the BSP. With this step, the business park is now formally a part of Wageningen Campus. As such, the temporary housing units will be the second example of student housing on campus, after Campus Plaza.

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