Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

The letters in Dutch in this edition of Wb concerning the Chinese students
on page 11 appear in translation on the Wisp’r website.

Tips for avoiding the winter blues

This is the last Wb of 2003. The first edition of the new year will appear
on Thursday 8 January. For those staying in town over the Christmas break,
Wb has a few tips to help you enjoy the last two weeks of this year:

There is a skating rink in Ede at the open air theatre on the Pabstlaan 1.
It is decorated in Alpine ski hut style, with a café where you can have
warm drinks and cake. You can hire skates there. Opening hours: 13 December
– 25 January from 10-22 hours; entry €3,50 for adults.

Pub sports
Friday 26 December there’s a pinball championship in Café Loburg,
Molenstraat 6, and a darts championship in Café Peer in the Nieuwstraat. Go
to the cafés for more information.

New Year’s Eve
If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a pub in town you need to buy a
ticket in advance. The same applies to Unitas.