Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Student grants

Student grants

Student grants

How to get as much money as possible from the government

International students from the European union studying at Wageningen
University countries are entitled to a grant of 860,40 euros or even more.
Below a brief overview of what EU students are entitled to in financial
terms from the Dutch government.

The European court in Luxemburg regards the grant for Dutch students who
live at home and have no travel expenses or extra allowances, as a
contribution towards the tuition fee. The Dutch government was forced to
allow foreign students to apply for this grant as well, as tuition fees in
a country have to be the same for all EU students. So if you pay tuition
fees to Wageningen University and come from a EU country you are entitled
to a ‘grant for tuition fees' of 860 euros and 40 cents.

Another European rule, which may be profitable for EU students, is that all
EU students who work on a regular basis in the Netherlands, or those who
have parents with a permanent job, can apply for the entire Dutch study

The Dutch grant consists of at least 211 euros a month up to a maximum of
435 euros, a loan of up to 435 euros a month, a free travel card and cheap
health insurance. You can apply for a grant for the official length of your
study and the loan can be extended for another two years. If you do not
graduate within 10 years after you started your studies, you have to pay
back your grant. The interest rates on the loans are very low.

To be eligible for the allowance you have to be employed on a regular basis
for at least 32 hours a month. If you have been made redundant or you can
show that there is a substantial link between your ex-job and your studies
you can still apply for the full Dutch grant. Further information and
application forms can be found on the website of the Dutch study-grant
organisation www.ib-groep.nl

Guido van Hofwegen