Nieuws - 5 juli 2001

Letter from the English Editor

Letter from the English Editor

We are always pleased to receive feedback on the articles we publish on the International page of the Wb, and we welcome your suggestions for subjects you would like to read about. Feel free to comment on the Dutch pages as well if you wish!

Please send your reactions to articles and your letters to or

In the newspaper version of Wb you can also find information in English in the service and ads pages, which are found in the back half of the Wb newspaper. This information comes from Wageningen UR, and Wb is not responsible for the editorial content. The entries in English are marked by the letter E.

Information on film, exhibitions, entertainment and nightlife in Wageningen can be found on the last two inside pages of Wb, the Uitladder and the Filmladder.

Wispr Website: Don't forget that each issue of the Wispr appears online. All issues from this year are available on the website, as well as an archive for previous years. Add this address to your favourites to ensure easy access. An article from the Dutch pages of each edition of Wb newspaper is also translated into English. We try to choose an article which has wide international appeal.

This Wb is the last before the summer break. The next Wb with a Wispr page will be Wb 23, which will appear on 30 August. Have a good summer, and we look forward to hearing from you in September.

Sara van Otterloo