Nieuws - 21 november 2002

English Summary

English Summary

The heavy beer drinking the night before did not prevent a good turnout at the Sport Night last Thursday organised by sport club Thymos.

An annual event, it attracted over 250 students this year. The overall winner was the international team 'The wild drunk animals' who won a trip to the theme park Efteling this winter. The games in the programme were not all conventional sports: they included 'live' table football, frisbee, and a relay race round the football field in which participants had to jump on a skippy ball, do a sack race and piggy back for part of the course.

For those who feel inspired by the above to work on their physical condition, the new fitness room at the University Sports Centre the Bongerd had its official opening last Thursday, in the presence of Vice-chair of the Executive Board Kees van Ast.

Students and staff can use the 45 fitness machines between 8.30 and midnight on weekdays, and between 10.00 and 18.00 at weekends. You need a special chipcard to operate the machines, and before this is issued you have to take the introductory course that lasts one and a half hours. At the moment ten introductory courses are being given each week, and they are already almost fully booked for the rest of this month.

It is once again possible this year to obtain an influenza vaccination at cost price from the student physician.

The vaccination is available to students and staff, and is given by the physician's assistant Marchel Ratering. Research has shown that absentee figures are considerably lower in companies where employees have been vaccinated against 'flu. As Ratering puts it, "As long as you are basically healthy you will not die from a bout of 'flu. But you can be laid low for two to three weeks." Last year he vaccinated 25 people, and doesn't expect more than fifty this time round, mainly because it costs 15 euros. Most people who come are those who cannot afford to be ill, for instance because they have a very busy period ahead.

Please note, the student physician and student psychologist have moved to Duivendaal 4. Tel. (0317) 482444

Reminder: the deans for students have moved to the administration building at Costerweg 50. You can make an appointment in person at the front desk of the Central Administration Office, or by telephone (0317) 482444, weekdays between 9.00 and 14.00.