Nieuws - 5 september 2002

English summary

A new academic year has started and once again the number of high school leavers coming to Wageningen has dropped.

At the start of September 437 first years were registered for BSc courses. Although this number might rise slightly with latecomers, it is unlikely to reach the 492 that enrolled last year. The numbers enrolling for MSc courses has risen; Dutch BSc graduates are up from 204 last year to 220, and although there have been delays with international students, a total of 300 is expected.

Perhaps not entirely unrelated is the advertising campaign for Wageningen UR that starts this week.

A series of six adverts, one general and one for each of the five expertise groups will be placed in the national newspapers and weeklies such as Elseviers and Vrij Nederland. Each ad features a large photo with a slogan, and a small amount of text including the general slogan 'for quality of life'. According to Wageningen UR chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen the main aim is to increase public awareness of what Wageningen stands for as well as internal 'corporate awareness'. The effects of the campaign will be monitored. An initial survey of how well-known Wageningen is has already been carried out, and the results will be compared with a similar survey in January next year.

The newly appointed director of the International Agricultural Centre (IAC) Dr Bram Huijsman will start work in November.

The international course centre became a part of Wageningen UR in June last year, and will be brought under a new management structure as part of the Extra Curricular Course Centre Wageningen (ECW). The ECW (this is its working title, but may change) will include the North-South Centre, which is also partly headed by Huijsman, as well as the 'post-experience' training institutes of Wageningen UR. These include the international training centre PHLO and Wageningen School of Management (WSM). The director of the latter two will be Dr Wietze van der Aa. Huijsman and Van der Aa will be joint directors and are looking to increase the synergy between the various components.

The face of Wageningen UR came closer to another change recently when the representative council of the agricultural college Larenstein agreed to the relocation of its college in Deventer to Wageningen.

The representative council agreed on condition that a good business plan is formulated which includes calculation of the financial consequences of the relocation. The council has also demanded a no-redundancy guarantee for the employees of Larenstein Deventer. The agricultural college has a number of international students, including a group of Chinese.