Nieuws - 17 mei 2001

Clothing for Mozambique on its way

Clothing for Mozambique on its way1

MSc student Luis Artur collected clothes last month for those affected by the floods in his home country Mozambique. This week the Embassy of Mozambique in Brussels confirmed that the clothes are now on their way. They have been handed over to the international development organisation Oxfam, which will distribute the clothes in Mozambique.

The job was too big for Artur alone so he mobilised fellow students on the MAKS course to help him collect clothing. Together they printed flyers asking people to donate old clothes. They distributed these in the student flats in the Haarweg, Dijkgraaf, Rijnsteeg and Bornsesteeg, leaving a plastic bag on each corridor. People donated such large amounts of clothing that the students collected more than one hundred bags filled with good second hand clothes. These were then delivered to the embassy in Brussels. Artur is happy that clothes that otherwise would have been thrown away can be put to good use.

The embassy has sent a letter of thanks to the university, and the ambassador extends personal thanks to all who gave clothes.

Joris Tielens