Nieuws - 19 november 2014

Blog: the UN dream

Every person has a dream. Mine is to do an internship at the United Nations. And this one big wish has become a reality.

The dream of one person may not be worth much for others. The dream to climb the Alps may not be worth much to someone who has scaled Mount Everest. But the happiness and smile on a person’s face after they fulfill their dream is worth billions.

I have many dreams; some are already fulfilled, some are in the process and some will never be fulfilled. Recently after trying hard for months, I fulfilled one of such many dreams: working as an intern at the UN in Vienna. On the first day, I was so excited that I reached the assigned place an hour earlier than scheduled. My heart was pumping at its maximum speed. I felt entering the UN building like boarding the plane: passing through the tight security check carrying the offer letter as a ticket, collecting my ID as the boarding pass and entering the main building as if entering the plane.

Then I got another shock. I got chance to see and hear the captain of the plane: Mr Ban Ki Moon. When I close my eyes, I can still remember his voice and words. His message that 'talent lies everywhere' is still floating in my head as echo.

Now I finally understand what working at the UN means: the tall buildings, the working environment, the high level of diplomacy, professionalism and much more. I hope that I will learn as much as possible and pave the way to fulfill my other dreams. Keeping my fingers crossed.