Nieuws - 7 april 2012

Zijlstra sees flaw in study extension legislation

Students who register for a degree course in September and withdraw again in the same month inadvertently chalk up an 'extension year' which will be taken into account in the extended study law. State secretary Zijlstra will correct this flaw.

Zijlstra assures these students that they will get an extra extension year. He warns, however, that this does not apply to someone who is already a long-studying student. It would never fly too for students who register for another course of study in the same year, since these are already studying in that year.
The amended ruling will be implemented with retroactive effect, but students have to submit an application themselves in the following academic year. This is because DUO cannot retrieve such cases automatically from its digital files. Zijlstra will discuss with universities and applied sciences universities how to inform students about this.