Nieuws - 15 december 2011

Zijlstra meets Master's students halfway

From 1 September 2012 state secretary Zijlstra plans to scrap the basic grant for Master’s students. But for students who have already embarked on a two- or three-year Master’s programme, a transitional arrangement may be made.

Zijlstra announced these plans this morning in his twice-yearly consultation with student organizations ISO and LSb. He did not want to say much more about it, however.
The transitional arrangement could for example apply to students who started on a three-year Master's in medicine in September 2010. They will have assumed at that point that they would be receiving the basic grant for three years. Ziljstra's proposal for a loan system for Master's degrees was only announced in the autumn of 2010.
Students on a two-year natural sciences research Master's may also benefit from the arrangement. They would otherwise lose their grant halfway through their programme.
The Council of State advised the cabinet yesterday on the proposed law regulating the introduction of the loans system and the reduction in rights to free public transport. The advice will be forwarded to the lower house shortly.