Nieuws - 4 november 2011

Yunnan visits VHL

A high-level delegation visited Van Hall Larenstein in Wageningen yesterday. The delegation from the Yunnan Agricultural University in China was at the applied sciences university to celebrate ten years of working together.

This cooperation involves the so-called 2+2 Programme. Since 2001, Chinese students have been able to complete their education in horticulture or business administration at VHL. They spend the first two years at their own university and the last two in Wageningen, and are subsequently awarded Dutch certificates.
The nice thing about this arrangement is that it offers students a better career path, says programme director Geartsje Oosterhof. 'Our programme is more geared towards the working world than the programmes in China. Those are more regulated and not very flexible. Here, students get a lot of experience in real situations. That makes them more attractive for Dutch companies in China.'
A major requirement for students is a good command of spoken English. This is more attainable now than before. 'Nowadays, students must achieve a certain standard in English, which wasn't the case ten years ago when communication could proceed in starts and jerks.'
In the past ten years, 500 Chinese graduates have been awarded VHL certificates. 'There is a lot of interest for another similar cooperation. Meanwhile, we have arrangements also with universities in Vietnam, Thailand and India', adds Oosterhof.