Nieuws - 10 juli 2008

Yucatan street dogs

It’s happened to many a traveller: while in faraway places they stumble across a Wageningen UR or Van Hall Larenstein logo. It’s not that surprising for an institution that has students from over a hundred different countries and so many international cooperation agreements.

Pages 8 and 9 of this summer edition of Resource are devoted to a world tour of twelve exotic projects, one of which is pictured here. For her doctoral research at the Animal Production Systems group, Eliza Ruiz Izaguirre is studying the behaviour of village street dogs and their impact on wild animals. The coastal strip of the Yucat√°n peninsula is rich in wildlife and many dogs roam freely in the countryside. Ruiz Izaguirre intends to quantify the importance of wild animals in the diet of street dogs and investigate whether the dogs disturb sea turtle nests.