Nieuws - 1 december 2011

‘You try out some new dishes'

Who? Dennis Richter Uitdenbogaardt, chef de cuisine at O'Mundo restaurant
Where? Hotel De Wereld, owned by Wageningen UR
What? Obtained a Michelin star last Monday
Special? Yes, there was a change of chef last summer

Congratulations. How does it feel?
‘Good! At nine o'clock this morning I got lots of congratulations by text message and through what's app. That's a nice way of hearing the news. It was quite nerve-racking. When one chef takes over from another, you always have to wait and see. I worked as sous chef under the previous chef, and we have carried on with his way of working. You try out a few new dishes - scallops, sweetbread - and hope they'll like them.'
Your website makes a link between O'Mundo and the extensive scientific knowledge about food at Wageningen UR. Is that knowledge on the menu?
‘Not really; that came from the marketing department. We do have interns from the catering college, but we don't work with Wageningen researchers.'
Do the researchers come and eat in your restaurant?
‘Yes, quite often. They don't come into the kitchen, but you hear about it from the waiters. University guests are often put up here. The most special guest for me was Kofi Annan, three years ago. To see him going to his room is something you remember.'