Nieuws - 28 februari 2011

'You are thrown in at the deep end'

Mini interview with Mies van Aar, second-year in Environmental Sciences and passionate about Green Left (Dutch Political Party)

Mies van Aar
Who? Mies van Aar, second-year in Environmental Sciences
What? She is passionate about Green Left (Dutch political party)
Where? Gelderland
Why? Is fifth on the list for the Provincial Council elections
Do you think you will be elected?
'We have got three seats at the moment and I am placed fifth. I really hope so but the predictions keep changing.'
Are students interested in the elections?
'Not everyone realizes what is happening on 2 March by a long way. Those who do are mainly planning to vote on national themes. The other day, someone said he would be voting for Cohen.'
What will you be fighting for in the province?
'I would really like to bring the Ecological Main Structure to a successful conclusion and I will also be working for more sustainable energy.'
How much time will it cost you?
'Officially it is supposed to cost eight hours a week but in practice it will be about 20 hours. I am not worried about that because my studies are going really well. But if I get elected I suspect I will be hit by the Halbe levy.'
How are you preparing for your future position?
'You are thrown in at the deep end. I have been to various provincial meetings. And I took part in a debate this week at the Wageningen student society SSR-W. That was pretty scary but you have to start somewhere.'