Student - November 10, 2016

YOU on campus(3)

Anne van der Heijden

There are many people in labcoats wandering around the top floors of Orion, but one of them caught my eye: Arda Hamamcioglu. What caught my attention – and according to Arda also that of many others – is a large scar on top of his head.

Arda (22) is currently in Wageningen on Erasmus exchange for half a year. He is doing his Bachelor’s in Food technology. He is from Turkey, where he has lived in many different places around the country depending on where his father, an army doctor, was stationed.

Arda really wanted to go to Wageningen for his exchange, but this was difficult. It is the best rated university in the Erasmus scheme for his field and his university only sends one person per year. ‘I just aimed for the top.’ He is glad he made the selection because he likes both the country and the university.

Arda has found many ways of occupying his time here. His hobbies include photography, 2D and 3D art, and mountaineering. Mountaineering is how he got his scars, not only the one on his head but also multiple scars on his hands and legs. The one on top of his head is the most prominent one, however. He got that particular scar when a friend who was climbing above him fell down. Arda tried to get out of the way and scraped his head on some rocks in the process. This was over two years ago but it is still clearly visible through his short hair. ‘My hair used to be longer but now I prefer it short. It helps with the recovery and it is cleaner.’ Arda is not sure to how much the scars will fade but he is quite indifferent about it. ‘These things happen in this sport.’

Arda picked up the striking scar on his head while mountaineering

Since the Netherlands doesn’t have mountains, Arda now focusses more on his other hobbies. He is working with companies to help them design brands. His website,, is his pride and joy. ‘I am not even sure I will be a food engineer after finishing my studies. I am looking for the spot where my hobbies and work overlap.’