Student - June 20, 2019

YOU on campus - Use of natural resources

Eva van der Graaf

It’s a quiet day in the Leeuwenborch. Napassorn Watcharakomenkul (25) is sitting in the canteen, working with her earbuds in. No, she doesn’t mind being interviewed. And her name is quite long, ‘so you can call me Jane.’

Jane came to Wageningen for the Master’s in Food Technology. ‘I don’t find it that hard to be away but it’s just different in terms of weather and the food. Even when you go to a Thai restaurant here, it doesn’t taste like the original Thai food.’ Jane likes to make Thai dishes herself. “I don’t have housemates but at the weekend I cook with my friends. Some are from Thailand and some are from other Asian countries so it’s a really nice mix.’

Jane belongs to the Wageningen table tennis club. ‘Last year, I even joined in a competition. With our team we went to other universities to play against the teams there. I still practice with my team every Wednesday and with my friend on Saturday. I never played table tennis before I came here so it’s quite funny how I ended up playing in competitions.’

After my Master’s I wanted to start a business in Thailand

In her spare time Jane also attends events at StartHub Wageningen. ‘I like listening to entrepreneurs talk about their ideas. After finishing my Master’s, I would like to start a business myself. I have my idea already but I just need to find the connections and the budget. I would like to work that out in Thailand because there are plenty of resources there, but we don’t know how to add value. That is exactly where I can help.’