Nieuws - 31 juli 2018

YOU on campus - Thesis strategy: taking a lot of breaks

He is sitting by the water, enjoying the sunshine while eating his lunch. From a distance, he looks like an approachable guy. And that’s exactly what he turns out to be. Raka Raditya (26) radiates calmness. His relaxed attitude made this the most chilled out interview ever.

© Text and photo Eva van der Graaf

Raka started studying Animal Nutrition in Wageningen two years ago. He plans on spending the summer writing his thesis. Although many a student would get heart palpitations just thinking about it, Raka remains calm and collected. ‘I mean, it just has to be done. And off course, I do stress. But I try to stay calm and find a strategy that works for me. For example, I find it helpful to take breaks. I like working for 45 minutes and then having a little break, by walking around the library or having a small chat with people, for example. During lunch, I like to go outside to enjoy the sun and walk around the park.’

Throughout the week, Raka spends most of his time at the university, but on Sundays he goes to the Christian Fellowship Church. Raka started attending two years ago. ‘I wanted to meet people who have similar values to mine. Also, I find it easier to communicate with people who share my perspective on what I believe. The core value of my beliefs is love. Love for God, others and myself. The fellowship encourages me to keep learning how to do that. Because I’m not perfect.’

Besides going to church, Raka also finds it important to be part of other groups. ‘I really like to do sports together with friends or to spend time in nature. I think it’s nice to surround yourself with different kinds of people. I just like to meet new people, learn about them, their cultures, personality, and thoughts. I think it enriches you as a person.’