Student - April 12, 2018

YOU on campus - Struck by the innovative power

Anne van der Heijden

In the eyes of David Nekam (28) Wageningen and the entire Netherlands is full of inventiveness and innovation. ‘Innovation is in the small things too, such as the bike lanes and the free coffee in the supermarket.’

Photo Anne van der Heijden

The Master’s student of Biotechnology arrived from Vienna, Austria, in February for six  months on the Erasmus exchange programme. He is struck by the innovative power he sees in Wageningen. ‘Now that I am here, I realise how many projects Wageningen University is involved in and how many patents are held by Wageningen students.’

David mostly wanted to go abroad to get new perspectives on the topics that interest him. And he is not disappointed. ‘The university has so many people from so many countries. We interact in group work and other activities. That way I meet lots of new people to exchange ideas with.’

I meet lots of new people to exchange ideas with

He travels back and forth from Ede, where he has found accommodation. ‘I hardly ever go into the centre of Wageningen, only to meet with friends or go out’. Still, he does like the city. ‘For a city of 40,000 there is quite a lot going on.’ An example is the monthly jazz jam sessions in De Zaaier café. ‘I was there last time and I would like to go again this Sunday. Maybe I’ll even join in with drums, but I haven’t done any drumming for a while.’

For now David is mostly doing his coursework, visiting the sports centre and meeting up with friends such as those from his AID group. Before his time in Wageningen is up, he plans to go sightseeing. ‘Paris, Copenhagen, Rotterdam... the same as everybody does. Everything is close from here.’ He is looking forward to better weather. ‘I haven’t gone sightseeing yet, it was too cold.’