Student - October 3, 2019

YOU on campus - 'Sport helps to keep your mind straight'


It is a nice Sunday afternoon and it is quiet at De Bongerd Sports Centre. Some students are lying on the grass or doing some relaxing exercises but Anna, an exchange student from Switzerland, is active on the athletics track. ‘Jogging is something I've always done. I prefer to do it on my own and at my own pace because then the music just wobbles with me!’

Text Hannah Begemann

It all started after the AID, during which Anna made – in her own words – too many friends. The weather was wonderful and the start of the academic year was 10 days away. ‘As the AID consisted primarily of partying, I wanted to do something else. From my room in the Bornsesteeg I have a good view of this running track and I immediately felt attracted to it.’ She doesn't train that often, but Sunday is a fixed day. ‘I love to run on Sunday because it is always the day you feel you have eaten too much over the weekend and you have to lose that.’

When asked if she's participating in any of the races, the answer is a definite ‘no!’ ‘Have you see me run? Then you'll see that I'm definitely not in the competition.’ She does take part in other activities at the sports centre, such as Pilates. ‘I already did a lot of sporting activities in Zürich but here in Wageningen I like to do even more. It really is one of the best sports centres I've ever seen!’ Anna advises everyone to benefit from it. ‘Sport helps to keep your mind straight. That is perfect during the busy university life.’

From my room in the Bornsesteeg I have a good view of this running track

Anna will stay in Wageningen for six months to complete the Nutrition and Health master specialization Epidemiology and Public Health. However, do not be surprised if you see her running around here a little longer. ‘I have only been here for a short period but I’m already having a great time. The university is very interesting and has so many great opportunities for students.’