Student - June 28, 2018

YOU on campus - Better a six without stress than a seven without a life

That Jody Berkelmans (23) has time for a chat is quite special in itself, given her long list of extracurricular activities. Alongside her Master’s in Nutrition and Health, she does committee and voluntary work for a rowing club, a study association and the Red Cross. And every weekend she works back in her home village.

text en photo Eva van der Graaf

Jody took up a whole lot of activities as soon as she moved to Wageningen for her Bachelor’s. ‘I am an enterprising person and I like organizing things. People often ask me, how do you do it all? But I enjoy it all!’ Although Jody does admit that she does perhaps occasionally end up with too much on her plate. ‘But then I don’t dare to mention it, so I just carry on and finish the job. That makes me learn to plan well!’

When asked how she combines all those activities with her studies, she answers honestly: ‘I just don’t put 100 percent effort into my studies. That is a conscious choice. I would rather get a six and not be stressed than a seven and not have a life.’ But she gets sevens anyway: this morning she got a 7.3 for her thesis. ‘I really wrote that in the last two weeks. For exams too, I often revise at the last minute. Maybe that’s not really the right way to do things, but the main thing is to get your credits, isn’t it? This way I can combine it with the rest of my life. If I’m honest I might have learned more from my committee work than from some of my courses.’

The main thing is to get your credits, isn’t it?

In October Jody will do an internship somewhere else, and she will have to leave her busy life in Wageningen behind. But that doesn’t bother her. ‘I am really looking forward to working and when I do my internship, I want to put my all into it.’

For now Jody has a few other events planned, such as the date dinner that she is organizing with a group of friends. ‘We are divided into four groups, each of which arranges dates for another group and makes the invitation, which give them a personalized dressing-up theme. On the evening itself you recognise your date by his outfit, as he got the same theme.’ But there is still a lot to do before that, so Jody has enough on her plate once again.