Student - December 2, 2015

Writing marathon Amnesty in Orion

Koen Guiking

With a ‘letter writing marathon’ Amnesty Wageningen Students hope to collect more than six hundred letters on Wednesday to release several prisoners.

"Gevangene" in Orion

‘Worldwide twelve cases were selected that we as Amnesty are fighting for. In the Netherlands we focus on six cases’, says Cinur Ag of Amnesty Students Wageningen. ‘We are organizing events for twelve hours where people can write letters to the government  that are imprisoning these people unjustly. Writing statements of support for the prisoners is also possible.’

Between 10.00 and 14.00 there was an event in Orion. Students were writing letters by hand, based on sample letters. ‘It is a lot more effective if governments see that people have taken the time to personally write a letter, than to just place a signature under a printed piece of text. Moreover, you can now create your own text. Of course this is especially important if you want to write a
motivational letters to the prisoners.’ Besides the event in Orion – including live music and a “prisoner” that was released with the hundredth letter – they also prepared writing desks on 2 December in the library of Bennekom and Wageningen, at THUIS, in the barrack in Droevendaal, at the open house on the Market and in cafe The Doctor.

‘Every year we participate with the worldwide letter writing marathon’, says Ag. ‘The international event is on the 10th of December, but then we have exam week. That is why we are doing it now.’ The Wageningen students hope to collect more letters than last year, so more than six hundred pieces. Ag: ‘If everyone participates and write three to four letters, then I think we can even reach eight hundred.’

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