News - March 1, 2019

Wouter Hendriks appointed new Dean of Research

Tessa Louwerens

On 1 April, Wouter Hendriks, Professor of Animal Nutrition, will become the new Dean of Research. He succeeds Professor Richard Visser, who left this position on 2 January.

© Mirian Hendriks Photography

As Dean of Research, Hendriks will be responsible for such matters as PhD policy. He will also advise the rector on the research policy of Wageningen University and will ensure the quality and integrity of research. In addition, the Dean will act as deputy rector if the need arises. 

Hendriks: ‘I want to concentrate on further developing research quality, creating closer collaboration between WU and WR, implementing WUR’s strategic research themes and improving the visibility of the position of Dean of Research both at and outside of WUR. In close consultation we are going to decide what now has priority; other issues will probably be added later. But I first want to take a closer look at this position.’

This is a part-time position for two days a week. Hendriks will also continue as the chair holder at Animal Nutrition. He will have a workplace at the department of Corporate Strategy & Accounts (CSA) in Atlas and will be supported by a virtual Dean's Office, consisting of an operational supporter and three of the most involved strategic/policy advisors at CSA Corporate Governance & Legal Services (GC&LS).

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