Nieuws - 26 augustus 2009

Wouter Helmer honorary professor at VHL

Ecologist Hemer wants more space for nature and for people in nature.

Wouter Helmer
Wouter Helmer, co-founder and director of ARK Nature development, and supporter of large-scale nature development, is to be an honorary professor at Van Hall Larenstein. ‘He tries to create nature without barbed wire, with space for people and animals’, says Hans van Rooijen, course director for Forest and nature management.
Besides installing large ruminants, Helmer wants to see the return of large predators like wolves and lynxes. Van Rooijen: ‘The link that Helmer makes between people, nature and economic opportunities is very important.’
Helmer is VHL’s second honorary professor. The first was ex-Minister of agriculture Gerrit Braks, appointed six years ago. ‘Braks’s policy laid the foundations for the Ecological main structure, and Helmer is filling it in’, says Van Rooijen. Helmer will be appointed during the Year opening on 8 September. He will give a presentation, and as honorary professor he will give guest lectures at VHL.