Nieuws - 2 november 2006

Workers dissatisfied

Wageningen EU employees have little confidence in the higher management, according to the results of an employees’ satisfaction survey published last week. One-third of all employees completed the questionnaire, and the results are almost the same as those from a similar 2004 survey. The Executive Board in particular gets a low score. According to the respondents, the top managers do not know what is going on at the work floor level. Many people also have no confidence in the direction the Executive Board is steering Wageningen UR. There are many complaints about bureaucracy and pressure of work. Over forty percent of the respondents said they have much work. Three out of four employees complain of too much administrative work. Sixty percent think that the bureaucracy has increased in the last two years. On the positive side, there is a high degree of commitment of employees to their work and their part of the organisation. Most employees say they are proud to work at Wageningen UR They are also appreciative of their immediate boss. The majority feel appreciated and that they have room for their own initiative.