Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Work pressure

Work pressure

The TNO report on work pressure among Wageningen UR employees has finally
been published.
Bad management of the string of reorganisation processes to which staff
have been subjected is named as the main cause of pressure of work: ‘Many
of the problems now experienced are caused by the way in which
organisational changes were implemented and carried out. There are also
positive aspects, but these are largely the result of individual
initiatives rather than policy changes… There has been insufficient
guidance, and there is a lack of feeling of responsibility for progress of
the whole process.’ Chairman of the board, Professor Aalt Dijkhuizen
admits that there are problems, and has indicated that more will be
invested in management quality, career management policy and changes in the
way in which the groups receive money for education. The latter will be
based on the number of students enrolled, in an attempt to relieve the
pressure on overloaded groups.


Student unions reacted indignantly to the news this week that the Dutch
PvdA (Labour Party) wants to scrap student grants altogether.
Only a week before the student demonstration planned to take place in The
Hague, the Dutch National Student Association, ISO, has already collected
over three thousand e-mails from students who are worried about the plans
to double tuition fees, scrap grants for Masters degree studies and get rid
of public transport passes for students. As if this was not enough, the
union chair was even more angry when she heard the plans of PvdA leader
Wouter Bos to do away with grants for undergraduate education. If these go
through students will have to pay back the entire amount of loans,
including what used to be a grant. Despite the fact that tuition fees would
then be scrapped according to the plan, the students believe that it is a
short-sighted view, which forgets that students are an investment for the
future of the country, and a move that will make higher education only
accessible to those with money.