News - October 12, 2006

Work permit no longer needed

Non-EU students studying at a Dutch university or polytechnic, will no longer need a special work permit to do an internship (stage) in this country.

The Dutch Council of Ministers reached agreement on the matter last week. The Netherlands hopes that easing the regulations for highly qualified foreigners will help strengthen the national knowledge economy. Until now employers had to apply for a special work permit for non-EU citizens, causing administrative problems, and forcing some students to do their internship in their home country.

The arrangements for knowledge workers from outside the EU will also be adjusted, and the more flexible immigration regulations will allow highly educated foreigners to work in the Netherlands for a period of five years. In addition, university lecturers and postdocs will no longer have to fulfil the salary requirements of 45 thousand euros per year, or 33 thousand euros per year for those under thirty. These requirements were the biggest bottleneck.