Nieuws - 2 december 2010

Wietske and Marit… don’t like the wrong kind of chat

Resource is following a year in the life of Wietske and Marit, two first year students of Nutrition and Health. In this episode: going out.

Wietske and Marit have discovered the Wageningen night life. On average the ladies can be found in the pub or at a party once a week. 'Every now and then a guy comes up to me with the wrong kind of chat and then I just say I have to go to the toilet.'
'The first Resource episode mentioned that we don't go out at all. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, you know', says Wietske. For especially at this time, when things have calmed down a bit, the ladies manage to find time - beyond their weekly sporting activities - to go partying nearly every week. The two are slightly lost for an answer as to which are the coolest spots in Wageningen. Wietske reflects a moment. 'I suppose De Bunker is really cool, and the open parties as well. But it's difficult to say. De Bunker is not actually a very attractive looking 'flat pub', but it's often got quite a good atmosphere'. And no, it's not easy to describe exactly what a good atmosphere is all about. 'I suppose, when it's just good fun, with some nice people around', says Wietske, 'that's often the case at the open parties, but you can never tell in advance. So if we hear lots of people are going, then we go too.' One of the highlights of the past few weeks was 'Insane in the brain' by Unitas en BSG.

The not-quite-so-great party
It has struck Wietske that not everyone talks to each other in small-scale Wageningen. 'Last week I went to a party in Eindhoven, and there it's much easier to chat to strangers than here.' She has the same experience at home. Whether it's due to the easy-going Brabant mentality she doesn't know. 'There are quite a lot of people from Brabant in Wageningen, after all.' Marit, too, probably enjoys the parties back home the most. 'Especially now that I only get to meet my friends back home at the weekends.' But on the whole it's all good fun here, barring the odd occasion. 'Yes, our student association held a drinks party the other day', says Wietske. 'The music was just a fraction too loud to be able to chat, and again too soft to go and dance.'
A woeful expression comes over her face. 'A shame, really, to be saying that when the organization had done its very best. And actually, we've had some really fun events already.'
No Casanovas
The two haven't so far been involved in any unpleasant situations. 'If a not very nice guy keeps hanging around a friend of mine, I'll go up and talk to her on purpose. That scares the guy off in no time.' Marit herself had some uninvited attention some time ago at a party. 'He kept talking and he also had really bad breath. Oh, and he just wouldn't go.' Wietske looks up. 'Well, I'd just walk off. Every now and then a guy will come up with the wrong kind of chat and then I just say I have to go to the toilet', she informs me. Generally Wietske and Marit are not particularly charmed with their male fellow students. 'Most of them are not very good-looking', feels Marit. And their chatting up techniques could do with improvement, too, according to Marit, who is currently single. 'It occasionally happens that someone comes up to me and says: one of my friends fancies you. Pfft, can't he come and tell me himself then? No, someone like that has blown it before he's started.'
Previous episode: Exams
Sevens, eights, nines and even one ten out of ten. 'But that was for computer skills, and that test was ever so easy', explains Marit modestly. All in all the exam week has gone very well for both girls. Even chemistry, definitely the hardest, was passed in one go. One of the visitors looks up rather enviously. 'I passed half of my exams. But I suppose, if you round it upwards then I've passed the lot.'
Cool guy according to Marit
* 'Not too 'proper''
* 'Short hair please'
* 'Earrings or tattoos are out'
* 'He has to be older: I want to be able to have a good conversation'
* 'Not too lazy, but he has to enjoy life'
Cool guy according to Wietske