Nieuws - 7 oktober 2010

Wietske and Marit… are very neat and tidy

Resource is following a year in the life of Wietske and Marit, two first year students of Nutrition and Health. In this episode: life in a student house.

First years Wietske and Marit have made a big impact on their student house. 'All of a sudden it's a lot cleaner around here', says one of their flatmates. The two ladies are blissfully unaware of the impression they have made.
No, no, no. Wietske really cannot come up with a single minus point about her house at the Binnenveld. She doesn't even complain about the way her rather un-Wageningen behaviour sometimes makes her a laughing stock. Like the fact that everything she has is pink: pink cushions, pink lamps. And if she uses another colour - usually white - it seems to be meant just to accentuate the pinkness. Nor does she have a typically Wageningen affinity with nature. On the contrary: last week in panic, she phoned a flatmate in the middle of a lecture to ask him to come and remove a 'really yucky beetle' from her room.
Peer pressure
There is a mild form of peer pressure at work in the student house. Marit was quickly cured of her habit of buying her cornflakes in mini-packs, for example. She has gone over to mega-boxes. And Wietske's loathing of fruit yoghurt is not accepted lightly. There are large cartons of the stuff in the fridge. 'It will be my task for the year to get you drinking fruit yoghurt', says a flatmate who has just come home and has set about checking the beer bill (almost 150 euros). But the two newbies can also count on the support of their flatmates. When they couldn't work out the complicated timetable, somebody was at their side in no time to explain it all to them step by step. And when the nutrition courses are tough, a flatmate doing the same programme is willing to go over the details patiently with them.
At the same time, the duo have had more impact themselves than they realize. The Binnenveld is being kept a lot cleaner. 'Wietske and Marit scrub more thoroughly than I have ever done. So I have started doing the same', confesses flatmate Quint, adding somewhat remorsefully, 'It is quite nice to live in such a clean house, actually.'
For the time being Wietske and Marit have no interest in wild nights on the town. In fact, they have the dubious honour of having a reputation for hardly leaving the house. Marit is especially glad that she didn't join a student society. She has only heard disaster stories about them from other students. One of her fellow students was left with a trapped nerve after the intro camp, and another needed stitches. Marit would rather stick to an evening of 'body sculpt' or indoor biking.

Marit Navis
The pits: last week's driving lesson. It went terribly.
Marit according to her flatmates: 'Marit is much too clever. Just wait: next time we'll have something sharp to say about her.'
Wietske van Haalen
The pits: the library assignment. 'All we had to do was look for some book or other. But just to be in time to do that I had to come to Wageningen on a Sunday evening.' Sigh. 'And I already get so little time with my boyfriend.'
Wietske according to her flatmates: 'That "yucky beetle" was hardly any bigger than a ladybird.'