News - September 2, 2019

Why the world should believe a little more in warm meals

Kaavya Raveendran

Until recently every meal blogger Kaavya Raveendran ate was expected to be hot. But that was before she moved to the Nederlands. Her latest blog is an ode to the joys of hot food. It comes with a disclaimer:"This blog may make you hungry."

© Sven Menschel

Since before two years ago every meal blogger I ate was expected to be hot. Cold food was just for long/lazy days. But ever since I moved to the Netherlands, the only thing I could eat warm were the pizzas - and only if the delivery person made it to my door on time. Then suddenly one day, I connected the dots.

I have strongly come to believe that I am a “nice” person because my food is warm. As an Asian, warm meals have always been a thing. They not just satiate my hunger but also fill my soul with joy. Think about it, when your food is warm you don’t just hog on it, you wait patiently, and you consume the whole experience. 

The truth is that warm food activates all your senses. From the bright colours to the aromatic vapours rising from the plate, each aspect fills your senses and brings a smile on your face. Even before you taste the food, you are put in a pleasant mood and in anticipation to relish the meal. It is just like how the opening performer of a concert gets you all stirred up before the main artist gets on stage.

Now you eat your food bite-by-bite, with taste and flavour eliciting your taste buds. Your pace automatically adjusting to the temperature of the food, not too fast or too slow. You pulverize your food, and at the end both your stomach and heart are full. You are satisfied and content. This experience is wholesome, you don’t need social interaction or Netflix or even a date to make it more enjoyable. Just your warm meal is enough.

The warmth of the food directly translates to the warmth in your heart

Now compare this to munching on a cold sandwich or salad. They are lifeless and add nothing to your mood. In fact, they can easily make you grumpy and irritable. Cold foods are boring and hence other distractions become more and more important. When you think about comfort food, people always think about something nice and warm like a cup of hot chocolate or a warm pie (ice cream being an exception here). 

Warm food keeps my day and mood going. People who have experienced this would relate. My warm food makes me a nice person and humility comes with it. And this is why the world should believe a little more in warm meals. The warmth of the food directly translates to the warmth in your heart. This warmth then shows in your actions and gestures towards others. If you don’t believe me, try it.

Warm meals are a tool that can be used to make this world a kinder place to live. Maybe I took it too far here but think about it. What if it happens? What if, the solutions to such big problems lie in the food we eat?