Nieuws - 15 december 2011

Who's afraid...

... of the big bad wolf?

Not the managers of the Oostvaardersplassen, apparently. They think the return of the wolf could bring balance to wildlife populations there. And this could happen if the corridors between the nature reserves of the Netherlands are completed after all. The only question is: how will the animals cross the water between Flevoland and the Veluwe?
Winter is upon on, and with it the annual consternation about the big grazers of the Oostvaardersplassen. It started earlier than usual this year, not because of the fears for the animals' survival but because the Province of Flevoland has announced that it will go ahead with the corridors, in collaboration with the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the Flevoland landscape organization and the state forest service. Regardless of State Secretary Bleker's policy.
So it may soon be possible to create the two conditions that would give the big game in the new nature reserve a chance. Nature red in tooth and claw, complete with predators. Because... not only are the corridors going to be created, but the wolf is going to return to the Netherlands too. In fact, it might be here already, if some rather blurred photos are to be believed. So perhaps Henk Bleker would like to play ferryman and help the wolf across the water to Flevoland. Then Bleker would turn into Veerman [a more nature-friendly ex-minister whose name means ferryman, ed.]. Our worst fears for Dutch nature would be allayed.