Nieuws - 24 mei 2007

Who should you vote for?

Elections for the student council of Wageningen University started this week and continue until 31 May. The two parties fighting it out, PSF and VeSte, have a good mix of Dutch and international candidates. But what exactly do they aim to achieve for international students and education? A quick glance at their programmes reveals that improving communication is top priority.

The Progressive Student Party (PSF) wants to offer more support to newly arrived students. Erasmus students for example arrive throughout the whole year in Wageningen, and many do not get a proper introduction to the town and its university. PSF plans to create a mentor system for this purpose, similar to that used in the AID at the beginning of the study year. For those arriving in August, they also want a longer introduction period. In addition, PSF wants to stimulate intercultural understanding by providing comfortable meeting places in university buildings, more debates, and improving communication between student organisations. Other plans include health-care support and part-time jobs, and more and better language courses.

VeSte’s plans also focus on improving communication. For example, they think that the English translation of the Student Charter, which is a summary of all official regulations, should be made easier to understand. Like PSF, they also aim to improve language skills, as well as the integration of Dutch and international students. Last but not least they want more exchange of information in English about life, education, and work – if possible with more pages in Resource.