Student - January 10, 2019

Who is WUR’s best teacher?

Luuk Zegers

The election for the best lecturer of Wageningen University for 2019 has started. Between 9 and 17 January, students who have been studying in Wageningen for more than one year can vote for their favourite lecturer.

The jury of the Teacher of the Year Award 2019. © University Fund Wageningen

The Teacher of the Year Award is presented each year by the University Fund Wageningen. The award is meant as a token of appreciation for lecturers as well as a source of inspiration. Students can select three teachers from a list of lecturers. The fifteen teachers with the most votes will make the longlist. They will then be interviewed by the student jury, which for this year consists of eight students from different degree programmes and of various nationalities.

Besides these interviews, the jury will also attend lectures or practical classes by the selected teachers and talk to their current students. Based on this information, five lecturers will be selected for a shortlist. One of them will eventually land the Teacher of the Year Award.

Last year, the laureate was associate professor Henry van den Brand. He was honoured by the award: ‘It is a great token of appreciation to receive from students. I really enjoyed that.’ Who deserves the award this year? ‘John Beijer. Two years ago, the shortlist included Jessica Duncan, John Beijer and me. That year, Jessica received the award. Last year, the three of us had made the shortlist again, and I won that round. So now it would be John’s turn. He is hugely passionate about his field, and that really is noticeable. But someone else could very well deserve it as well. There are so many great lecturers who deserve to receive the award. The students will have the final word in this.’

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