Nieuws - 27 november 2010

White smoke from CAO negotiations after all

The planned pay rise for university staff is not going head, but the rest of the previously rejected labour agreement (CAO), including the 500 euro one-off bonus, seems to be acceptable to the universities.

Yesterday the universities made a final offer to the unions on a Cao that will only apply until 1 January 2011 but will be backdated to 1 March 2010. If the unions agree, that is. Earlier agreements about job creation and career policy remain in force, said Abvakabo FNV union representative Marieke van den Berg. The same goes for the 500 euro one-off bonus to be paid to university staff in December. But the 0.5 percent raise proposed for 1 February 2011 was a bridge too far for the university.
The negotiations on this point will be renewed in the new year. Meanwhile, the FNV unions are now aiming at two percent raise for 2011. That will apply to the university CAO too.