Nieuws - 13 november 2014

Where is my nose?

Last week I moved to a university apartment in Ede. When I went to the bathroom to trim my beard, I found the mirror there was too high for a man like me of 163 centimetres in height.
I could not see my beard and half of my nose. Only my hair, eyes and the top half of my nose were visible. I tried to stand tall to see my beard, but it wasn’t enough. If I wanted to trim my beard and see the result at the same time, I had to stand on tiptoe and look up at my face high above me. My Brazilian corridor mate laughed a lot when he saw me. It was so funny.

I remember too when I first arrived in Holland. At Schiphol airport, I found that the urinal was a bit high for me. Luckily I could still use it. Afterwards, I realized that I now live in the country with the tallest people in the world. But I didn’t expect that the height of facilities such as mirrors and urinals would match their build. Now, if I go to public buildings such as airports, I usually try to find a kids’ urinal. These fit perfectly with my height. 

Reonaldus Reonaldus, PhD candidate in the Public Administration and Policy Group, from Indonesia.