Nieuws - 2 maart 2006

What’s on

Thursday 2/3
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party.
>Unitas (23.00) Fingerlickin’.

Saturday 4/3
>Villa Bloem (14.00) DJ Groove Mentor plays roots, rock and reggae.
>Unitas (20.00) Kabaal Regionaal, mini festival during which three bands will be chosen to perform during the 5 May festival.
>De Wilde Wereld (22.00) Wild Rose disco organised by Wageningen Gay Group.
>Unitas (24.00) Beyond with pop, rock and dance.
>De Reehorst, Ede (20.15) Klezmer band Di Gojim celebrate 15th anniversary.

Sunday 5/3
>Café de Zaaier (16.00) Open folk music session.

Monday 6/3
>KSV International (20.00) Presentation on etiquette.

Wednesday 8/3
>Junushoff (14.00) Theatre production Botje for children aged 4 and older, all about how Mrs Botje does her housework.
>Cultura, Ede (20.15) Solo Flamenco by Eric Vaarzon Morel, guitarist performs all sorts of flamenco traditions.

Thursday 9/3
>Junushoff (20.30) Extra guitar concert by Australian Tommy Emmanuel.
>Unitas (21.00) Double concert with Gem and Snatchin’ Jenny.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Part.
>Unitas (23.00) Vitamin U.