Science - February 9, 2006

What’s on

Thursday 9/2
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party.
>Unitas,/i> (23.00) Medieval Madness with pop, rock and dance.

Friday 10/2
>Lampegiet (20.00) Life is Rhythm by the Camut Band. Concert with African percussion, tap dance, song and dance.

Saturday 11/2
>Villa Bloem (14.00) Concert by Bandera Latina. A musical adventure with rumba, flamenco and Mediterranean music. Guitar solo by Salvatore Sichi.
>Unitas (23.00) Magnetic with Detroit and Berlin techno.

Sunday 12/2
>Café de Zaaier (17.00) Concert by the Ukrainian bajan duo Tarasenko & Zorov, whose repertoire includes classic, jazz, and folk music from Eastern Europe.

Thursday 16/2
>Kniphorst bookstore (20.00) Surinamese literature evening including an interview with author Henna Goudzand Nahar. Followed by Surinamese snacks and drinks.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party.
>Lampengiet (20.00) Ney Flames of Passion. Mediterranean dance production with a cast of 36 exotic dancers.