Nieuws - 17 februari 2005

What’s on

Thursday 17/2
Unitas (23.00) F*ck the Exams, let’s dance! Relaxation opportunity during revision.

Friday 18/2
Café Vrijheid (23.00) African Night with DJ Leonard.

Saturday 19/2
Unitas (14.00) Afternoon of workshops: MC-ing (rap), breakdancing, Scratching, BeatBox, Graffitti and Beats. Presentation at the end by participants.
De Wilde Wereld (21.30) Dance for 30 +ers.
Unitas (23.00) Live concert by singer Leona, with soul and hip-hop.
International Club (23.00) Club Night with DJ La Foca.
Wednesday 23/3
Bblthk (12.30) Lunchtime concert with guitar duo Guitarrazo, classical, folk and pop.

Thursday 24/2
Unitas (23.00) Nineties Party, and Jamaican music in the cellar.