Nieuws - 26 mei 2005

What’s on

Thursday 26/5
>Unitas (23.00) Hot Hockey Party with DJ Kicken, plus The Dancefloor.

Friday 27/5
>Markt 17 (18.00) Arty Party organised by ICF (International Christian Fellowship). Starts with a meal, after which participants paint with guidance from two art students. Everyone welcome and it’s free.
>Lawickse Allee 13 (19.30) Documentary Film Festival on Migration organised by Otherwise starts with French film, Casa Marseille Inch’Allah, followed by discussion. See
>Aula (20.00) Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra (WSKOV) Spring concert: Schumann, Dvorak, Poulenc and Svendsen. (Also Saturday 28/5)
>De Wilde Wereld (21.00) Kamu/jij, dance performance on theme of double-sided morals within the Indonesian community.
>Theatercafé Junushoff (21.00) Jazz at the Rhine Town Club with Windy City Jazzband.
>International Club (23.00) Student party with live ragga music.
>Café Vrijheid (23.00) Salsa Night with DJ Annalies.

Saturday 28/5
>International Club (22.00) African Party with DJ Casper.
>De Wilde Wereld (22.00) Dance 30+ for the over thirties who want to swing.
>Unitas (23.00) Beyond.
>Stadskelder, Arnhem (21.00) Mama Africa Dance Evening with DJ Mabini. Koningsplein 5, info. 026 27410355

Sunday 29/5
>ISOW (17.00)Open ISOW theatre classes, Generaal Foulkesweg 1a (behind the aula).

Wednesday 1/6
>Lawickse Allee 13 (19.30) Documentary Film Festival on Migration: The Tree of our Forefathers from Mozambique.

Thursday 2/6
>Unitas (23.00) Beyond

Friday 3/6
>Lawickse Allee 13 (19.30) Documentary Film Festival on Migration: Traversée Clandestine from France.