Nieuws - 18 november 2009

Weblog about Larenstein estate

Four Velp VHL students have recently put up a weblog about the Larenstein estate. Since November, news and photographs of unusual plants and animals found here have been posted on

Discovered on the site within two weeks are: a caterpillar killer (a fungus), a marshwort flower at the native garden lake and an albino brown frog in the forest. The last of these has perhaps become food for prey in the meantime because of its striking colours. Winter rye has also been sown and the paths are paved with wood shavings. In addition, the students have also done a mini-interview with bird protector Nico de Haan.
These students of Forest and Nature Management - Nico Schavemaker, Tim Endeveld, Tim van Leeuwen and Robin Kraaij - want to publicize the estate to future students. Backing them up is André Hertog who works in the education garden. He is an expert in Dutch flora. Anyone can contribute to the website. News about Larenstein estate, preferably with photographs, are welcomed at: