Nieuws - 19 april 2012

'We take the election very seriously'


Who? Bauke Nauta
What? Member of the T.M.S.D.C.D.C. Scotia sorority
Why? Scotia is through to the finals for the 'nicest fraternity in the Netherlands'

Nicest fraternity of the year, does that mean much?
'It comes with a prize worth 15,000 euros: bikes for the whole club, free food for a year and a concert with VIP treatment. When we registered we only did it for the recognition but the prizes are a nice extra, of course. We are taking it very seriously and there is a schedule for who does what and when.'
What is so nice about the Scotia sorority?
'We are quite a small sorority with just 20 members. That makes us a close-knit group. We also really cultivate our 'Scottish' image: we drink whisky, we wear kilts and we go on holiday to Scotland together. Everyone at SSR-W knows us, not least because our members are all very active in the society.'

But when it comes to the voting you won't stand a chance against fraternities from the big cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht...
'That is certainly difficult for us. So it does help that the election is sponsored by several companies. You can get extra votes by winning assignments tendered by the sponsors. Those assignments are very important to us, so we put a lot of time into them. For example, we made a film for an online delivery site in which you see us all cooking together and it all goes pear-shaped. In the end we order a pizza online. That went down well, apparently, because we got the assignment. So we are quite hopeful about our prospects of winning. Amsterdam only had 200 more votes than us after the preliminary rounds. That is next to nothing.'
Like the sound of T.M.S.D.C.D.C. Scotia?
You can vote until 26 April at