Nieuws - 16 augustus 2012

'We practised the pronunciation'

Who? Elysa Overdijk, fifth-year Biology
What? Soprano with the Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra (WSKOV)
Why? Co-organizer of the WSKOV concert tour of Scandinavia

A special trip?
'You bet! We go on tour about once every five years. Preparations for this week have been going on for two years so it's nice that the time has come at last. About 90 of us are going to Copenhagen, Uppsala and Stockholm, where we'll spend the day looking around and doing things with Swedish student societies and in the evening we'll give concerts at unusual locations. In Uppsala we are even going to perform together with a Swedish student chamber choir.'
Are you going to sing in Swedish too?
'Yes, we'll be singing in both Swedish and Danish. We hope we won't make fools of ourselves, because none of us speak those languages. Luckily when people sing you can't hear whether their pronunciation is perfect as easily as you can when they speak. But anyway a choir member who did an internship in Sweden has helped us a bit with the pronunciation.'
How did you get the funding together for this tour?
'Most of the costs of the trip are covered by the members. We also got a subsidy and the university made a contribution. And we got some donations from an adoption programme through which family, friends and acquaintances could sponsor a WSKOV member going on the tour. We collected something like 2000 euros like that, more than we dared to hope for. We'll send them a thank-you card from Sweden.'