Nieuws - 16 december 2010

'We heard a grunt'

Who? Christoph Janzing
What? Fifth-year student Forestry and Nature Management
Why? Hit the NOS (Dutch Television News) Headlines when he and his fellow student Stefan Sand used a secret camera to show that wild boar have returned to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

How did you find the wild boar?
'During one of our explorations we saw a black shadow shooting into the brambles and we heard a grunt. We then began a search for them, focusing on wild boar tracks, hair and food traces. We put a camera in place and a week later there was a recording of two wild boars.'

How did you end up in the media?
'After we had posted our footage on YouTube the forest warden wrote a press release. At first nothing happened, but ten days later we suddenly made the NOS news. After that other newspapers like the Algemeen Dagblad and the Gelderlander followed, as well as a lot of other media through the ANP (Netherlands National News Agency). The Telegraaf newspaper also phoned us, but their reporter insisted on hearing that the wild boar had made their way through a bicycle tunnel under the A12 motorway. I don't think our story made it to their newspaper.'

Mission accomplished?
'Well, actually we wanted to go to Turkey to film a Persian leopard. They are terribly rare, so that's a mega-project. But to do that we first have to get experience with camera traps. This was just a try-out.'