News - September 15, 2010

'We are no match for the Tartlétos'

They came in third last in the Veluwe Race, but that was inconsequential. The Anne-van-den-Ban-Fund (ABF) team raised 1800 euros altogether.

Martin Kropff jokes with Pierre de Wit and Martin Verstegen at the end of the Veluwe Race. In the background is Anne van den Ban.
The Veluwe Race took place for the 30 th year last Saturday. This annual relay run from Wageningen to the Posbank and back again covers a length of about eighty kilometres. One team which stood out was the ABF team which comprised overseas students, professors and the rector magnificus. Martin Kropff brought up the finish to end third last, seven hours and fifty two minutes later.
'We are very proud of our 82 nd place, with two teams still behind us', says an enthusiastic Arianne van Ballegooij, captain of the ABF team. 'But we are no match for the athletes of the Tartl├ętos.' Ballegooij was not concerned about the performance anyway. She wanted to raise money for 'her' fund which supports overseas students who study in Wageningen.
Participating teams in the Veluwe Race were given vests for a deposit of fifteen euros. This deposit could be donated for a good cause at the end of the day. Van Ballegooij: 'More than half of the teams did that, enabling us to raise 645 euros in this way.' The ABF team also has more than 1100 euros from individual sponsors. 'We had actually targeted for more, but I am satisfied. We will certainly do better again next year', Van Ballegooij adds.
The team Aeolus Running for Gold finished first in five hours and four minutes. That was two hours and forty-eight minutes faster than the ABF team.