News - June 9, 2010

'We are going to strip for the environment'

Kim van Groningen, Coordinator HappyJMA Wageningen, about a light-hearted cycling protest on Saturday 19 June

Kim van Groningen
Who? Kim van Groningen
What? Coordinator HappyJMA Wageningen
About what? A light-hearted cycling protest on Saturday 19 June
Why? To protest against pollution
How? In the nude

Why the bare biking?
'We are doing it for the environment. It is a protest against pollution by cars. The protest is also a way of celebrating the fact that human beings have beautiful bodies and showing that we are not ashamed of our bodies.'

How many people will be cycling with you?
'Five to ten people from HappyJMA are joining in. A few are still hesitating, but we expect about twenty people in all on Saturday.'

The dress code is 'as bare as you dare'. How are you going?
'I'm going completely bare. It is a bit scary, yes. Before the start we are going to decorate our bodies with texts.'

What if the police object?
'We have registered the demonstration with the council. If the police say we have to get dressed, we will wait until they have gone and take everything off again.'

Not afraid of appearing naked on YouTube?
'Oh no. We want as much media attention as possible, to get the message across.'   

And what if it rains?
'Then we'll postpone the demo by a week.'