Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Wb summer break

Wb summer break

Wb summer break

The next Wb will be a special AID edition with extra pages in English.
Publication date: Wednesday 20 August.

WSO demonstration

Students from the WSO cordoned off a piece of grass in front of the
university administration centre on Tuesday this week and set up a tent
with a sign in front of it: First years’ camping.

The message was clear: the university and student accommodation office SSHW
need to do more about the impending housing shortage at the start of the
new university year. The students are angry and worried: new students who
have nowhere to live are not going to be impressed by the message that
Wageningen University enrolments are increasing. WSO also believes that the
university misleads prospective students by declaring on the internet site
that there is ample accommodation available here. SSHW says it is looking
for solutions, which include not demolishing some of its old accommodation.
The university has said it will make money available so that accommodation
advertisements can be placed.

Heads clash

The mood was confrontational last week during a seminar on the
international future of Wageningen UR.

Interim director general of International Development Cooperation in the
ministry of foreign affairs, Joan Boer, complained that Wageningen UR was
not visible enough in The Hague. “You are not on my list of strategic