News - September 27, 2007

Wave of burglaries over for now

The wave of break-ins a few months ago in Wageningen student houses seems to be over. ‘The number of incidents dropped in the holiday period: it looks like the thieves went on vacation too,’ said police spokesman Harry Munniksma.

For a period of a year there was a wave of breaking and entering in Wageningen. Munniksma: ‘Just before the new students arrived we had a couple of incidents. We are watching carefully to see that the number of break-ins doesn’t rise again.’ The police are unsure as to why things have quietened down. ‘We suspect that there were a lot of casual thefts by people from outside Wageningen because, although we questioned a lot of people, very few cases were actually solved.’

To try and prevent another rise in break-ins, new Idealis tenants now receive standard information when they sign a rental contract. ‘The police also often have a stand at markets and if people want information, they can always go to the police station,’ says Munniksma. ‘As well as tips like how to make your room more secure, and to store valuables out of sight, it’s also important to be aware of movements in your immediate surroundings. If you see something suspicious, alert the police at once. There is surveillance twenty-four hours a day in Wageningen too.’