Nieuws - 18 januari 2007

Wave of burglaries in student houses

Thieves have been active recently in student houses in the centre of Wageningen. Equipment and jewellery have been taken from houses in the Riemsdijkstraat, Walstraat and Rouwenhofstraat. The culprits have not been found yet, according to police spokesman Paul Koetsier.

In a student house in the Riemsdijkstraat, four rooms were broken into and flat-screens, mp3 players and a camera were stolen. The thieves entered by breaking open a window above a door. In the Walstraat it is believed that the burglars made use of a key to enter, according to the police. They made off with a number of items including a suitcase of clothing, and camera and cosmetics.

Students living in a student house in the Rouwenhofstraat had left the garden door open. The thieves went through six rooms, and took laptops and jewellery. An occupant of one of the student houses in the Hoogstraat reported an attempted break-in. He caught the intruders before they managed to get in, and they ran off.

The police do not exclude the possibility that more burglaries have taken place than have been reported. To prevent further break-ins the police advise students to check their locks and window fastenings, to be careful about who they give keys to, and to buy a small safe or lockable box for small valuables such as jewellery.