Nieuws - 31 januari 2011

Water board trains VHL students

The Hunze-en-Aa's regional water board supervised VHL students in Velp during a Minor. The board hopes to recruit new employees in this way.

VHL students on a dam in the Hunze valley.
'We are short of hydrologists. These students are our target group because they have a strong technical base and know how to work with models', says Henk van Norel, a hydrologist at Hunze-en-Aa's Water Authority in Northeast Drenthe and East Groningen. 'We hope that one of the students will do an internship here. And maybe one or two will come to work for us. Of course, we're doing this for the other water boards as well', adds Van Norel.
In the course of the supplementary Minor 'Hydrological Modeling', eight students of Land and Water Management had to work out the best way to maintain the waterways in Hunze-en-Aa's. A lot of work was involved because the waterways have different terrains, soils and surrounding vegetation. Three hydrologists of the water board stood by the students for three whole weeks.
Van Norel: 'It was very inspiring to work with the students. They have certainly given us ideas regarding the research set-up and methodology.'
A real problem
The students seem enthusiastic too. 'It's highly motivating when working on a real problem', says Pytrik Graafstra, a fourth year student. She is considering a job in a water board. 'This is the kind of challenge I look for in a job.'
This is the first time that the applied sciences university has worked so intensively with a water board. Both parties want to join forces again next year in Hydrological Modeling.