Student - August 12, 2010

Warm dinners and takeaways in Forum

The new academic year will see Albron starting a student canteen in the Forum, where students can have a warm meal for €3.95 in the evenings.

Catering company Albron will operate a student canteen in the Grand Café in the Forum from September. Students can order warm meals between 5:30 pm and 7 pm. The canteen will open for four days in the week, from Monday to Thursday. A warm meal with salad will cost €3.95. It can be supplemented with a soup and a dessert for an extra euro. Diners will have a choice of two dishes, one of which is vegetarian.
Albron's move is the result of a survey of more than a thousand Wageningen students. The survey, carried out by the Student Council, showed that 86 percent of the students would patronize a canteen in the Forum. The students are mostly in search of somewhere to eat cheap and tasty food with friends.
If a meal costs €3.50, Dutch students would patronize the canteen four times a month, while foreign students indicated that they would be present eight times a month. If the meal costs five euros, the number of patrons would be halved, according to the survey.
Albron will also cater takeaway dinners in the canteen. About sixty percent of the students indicated their interest for this option.