News - March 15, 2012

War Bear

I had a friend, always wearing camouflage, mostly too quiet to be noticed. Wherever I went he was always with me; he was the conscientious guard of my keys. He was inanimate but, at least I think, he had a soul.

The last portrait of my friend bear
He's a key-ring of Bearbrick, though a made-in-China rip-off.
Unfortunately I lost him in De Hoge Veluwe last Sunday, unforgivably.
It was a perfect sunny day to visit the biggest natural park in the Netherlands and the Kroller-Muller Museum inside. On the way to the exit of the park after a happy hour in the museum, I cycled into a wooded area. The light, down through the net of leaves, cast on a chopped trunk and created a breeze of serenity: the nature was calling the key-ring bear in my pocket. I took it out and stood him on the trunk full of lichen. The bear in camouflage perfectly blended with the verdant surroundings. I turned on the camera and, as usual, took an album of photos of the bear. I thought it would be an unexpected bonus on my way home.
In fact, it's anything unexpected but a bonus. I didn't realize the bear was forgotten in the forest until I arrived home and took out the keys to the door. 'Oh shit...' That was the only reaction I could have. 'Should I find it back tomorrow?' I asked myself. The bear had accompanied me everywhere I'd been in the past two years: the mountains in China, library in Stockholm, beach in Bordeaux, bell tower in Prague, canals in Amsterdam and etc.. 'It deserves to continue the journey with me,' I struggled to lobby myself. But in the end, my rational self refused the demand of the emotional self: 'maybe this is his destiny.' As a semi-believer of fate, I hardly did anything reluctantly; no exception this time.
But still, I have a faith in miracle that the bear, some day, will be picked up by a passer-by, and start a legendary journey like Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse'. If I'm lucky enough, I might even be reunited with him. At that time I shall respectfully call him 'War Bear'.
Bon voyage, my loyal friend!
Vid of the Week : Can my rip-off be@rbrick walk like the yellow bear and find the way home